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Electronic textbook - Prosthesis OnImplants
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The great advantage of an electronic textbook is the easiness of maintaining its concepts updated. This is the challenge that motivates us to constantly update on new information.
Chapters in PDF files. We recommend that you use the Foxit PDF Reader, so the reading is more pleasant in the screen (believe, it makes a difference!). Besides, it is free, have the same resources and loads much quicker than other readers. Click here to download the installation files. If necessary, use this alternative link: Foxit PDF Reader (1,07 MB).
To reference this textbook (Vancouver rules):
Telles D, Coelho AB, editors. Próteses SobreImplantes.com [book on the Internet]. Rio de Janeiro: SobreImplantes.com; 2006 [cited year month day]. Available from: http://www.sobreimplantes.com/materialAcademico.asp#livro
Chapter I
» Aspectos relacionados às perdas dos dentes (219 KB)
Chapter II
» Planejando as próteses sobre implantes (1,48 MB)
Chapter III
» Chaves, ferramentas, intermediários e componetes protéticos (2,63 MB)
Chapter IV
» Moldagem em próteses sobreimplantes (1,72 MB)
Chapter V
» Coroas unitárias (1,80 MB)
Chapter VI
» Próteses Parciais Fixas (740 KB)
Chapter VII
» Próteses Fixas com união de implantes a dentes naturais (1,24 MB)
Chapter VIII
» Prótese Total Fixa tipo protocolo (1,39 MB)
Chapter IX
» O conceito do Guia Multifuncional (2,55 MB)

Didactic videos with clinical procedures in implant dentistry.

The videos were produced by Dr. Felipe Miguel Saliba.
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logo Moldagem com moldeira aberta em Prótese Total Fixa inferior tipo Protocolo (14,0 MB)
logo Confecção do modelo de gesso de alta precisão em Prótese Total Fixa inferior tipo Protocolo (11,0 MB)
» Attachments International

Glossary of terms related to precision prosthesis and implants.

» Dental implant glossary

Glossary elaborated by the World Center for Dental Implantology.

» Diccionario dental

Glossary of dental terms in Spanish.

» Glossary of Evidence Based Dentistry

Elaborated by the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice.

» Glossary of Prosthetic Terms

Published by The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

» Biomaterials Properties
» FreeMedicalJournals
International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Also in pdf.
» PLoS - Public Library of Science